The Cat Inu on Base

Airdrop & Presale

Is the doge and shiba drama getting old? It's time to dethrone those tired meme tokens and crown the rightful king: the cat inu! meow.
We've meowdeling economic that prioritizes community growth and long-term value for your holding.

a purrfectly tokenomics.

Psst... Early catnip awaits! Get ready to snag some $CATINU tokens during our airdrop and presale. Don't miss out on this chance!
We have an airdrop for the first 2,000 participants, giving away 35,000 $CATINU each!
That's right, only first 2,000!

Liquidity & Presale
605,000,000 $CATINU

5,000,000 $CATINU

70,000,000 $CATINU

Don't miss out this drop!
Join our space, participate in the airdrop, and take part in the presale. Let's build a meme cat community together!

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